Employers and Payers

Our solutions reduce drug spend for patients, payers and employers by providing patient-specific drug and alternative cost and coverage information to pharmacists and prescribers at all points of care. Working with their patients, healthcare providers can weigh the cost-benefit of medications, taking into consideration the out-of-pocket costs for the patient as well as the total drug costs. This empowers more cost-effective care and better outcomes for patients. Gemini services also better align financial incentives between payers, providers and patients.


Gemini services save prescribers time and money by providing patient-specific drug and alternative cost and coverage information at the point of care, seamlessly integrated into EHR workflows. Providers save hundreds of hours annually avoiding pharmacy call-backs, prior authorizations, patient frustration and other wasted steps in care delivery. In addition, as providers are increasingly at risk for healthcare expenditures through ACOs and similar payment models, prescribers can reduce their costs, increase net revenue and improve their competitive positioning by adopting drug cost transparency services that are presented at the point of care integrated into their EHRs.


Our solutions decrease out-of-pocket drug costs for patients and reduce frustration, delays in filling prescriptions and related pharmacy hassles. Patients can collaborate with their providers to ensure that their medications are cost-effective based upon patient-specific coverage and out-of- pocket costs. Patients also can benefit from improved medication adherence delivered through more affordable prescription drugs.

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Managed Care Pharmacists

Managed care pharmacists working for health plans and provider groups are tasked with optimizing the use of prescription drugs from a clinical and cost standpoint. However, they often lack the robust tools to quickly identify, triage, communicate and fulfill opportunities to enhance outcomes and drive savings. Gemini services for managed care pharmacists provide a comprehensive view of medications, including more cost-effective therapeutically equivalent alternatives. This empowers productivity, cost reduction and medication reconciliation while supporting pharmacists-patient-prescriber collaboration.