Our Team

The Gemini Health team is comprised of seasoned executives and clinicians with a long history of leadership and success in healthcare and healthcare information technology related to prescription drugs, electronic health records and, healthcare data exchange and standards.

Edward J. Fotsch, MD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Andrew Gelman
Executive Vice President
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David M. Hill, MD, FACC, FACP
Medical Director
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Jackie Choy
Vice President,
Finance & Administration
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Deb Fotsch
Vice President, Operations
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Denise Lindgren
Executive Vice President, Operations
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Mickey McGlynn
Senior Vice President,
Product Implementation
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Roger Pinsonneault
Vice President, Product Innovation
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James J. Cargilo
Chief Security and Compliance Officer
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Michael McGee
Office Manager
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Our Advisors

The Gemini Health team of advisors is comprised of executives with decades of experience working in major health systems, venture capital, government and advisory roles, employer benefits, business strategy and Big Data.

Douglas A. Gentile, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Information Officer at the University of Vermont Medical Center
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Dwight Davis, Pharm.D.

Director, Evidence-Based Prescription Drug Program (EBRx)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences – College of Pharmacy

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Forest Baskett, PhD

General Partner at New Enterprise Associates (Venture Capital)

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Frank G. Opelka, MD, FACS
LSU Executive Vice President for Healthcare Redesign & VP American College of Surgeons
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Jacob Reider, MD
Former Deputy National Coordinator, ONC & Principal RS Partners

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Jay Crowley
Vice President of Unique Device Identification Solutions and Services at USDM Life Sciences
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John R. Peterson
Managing Director at Cleary Gull, Inc. (Investment Banking)

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Kent Bradley, MD, MPH, MBA
Former Safeway CMO & Principal of BTN Advisor
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Tom Reilly
Chief Executive Officer of Cloudera (Big Data Firm)
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Martín-J. Sepúlveda, MD
Managing Principal of CLARALUZ LLC & Member National Academy of Medicine
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