Deb Fotsch is an accomplished operations and product management executive with over 16 years in the healthcare information technology industry.  She has a proven ability to recruit and manage multi-party teams to build businesses and achieve key product and financial goals. Deb has a solid track record of understanding, interpreting and successfully delivering on new business launches, products, and programs.

Deb joined Gemini Health as the VP Operations in September 2014. In this role she manages a wide range of responsibilities in the organization.  Her years of experience and expertise working externally, with Physicians, Physician Organizations, healthcare-related not-for-profit organizations, and others, as well as her contributions to product strategy, software development, HIPAA management and her oversight of day-to-day operations, contribute significantly to the organization.  Prior to Gemini Health, she spent 16 years across 5 healthcare information technology organizations with roles ranging from VP Emerging Products to Chief Operating Officer.  Deb began her career with BMW, with executive roles in Accounting/Finance, Human Resources and Marketing. She left BMW to lead a team that built and operated a new technology marketing product, and subsequently started her own consulting firm focused on new technology marketing.

Deb has two patents – both healthcare-specific.  She is a member of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), and previously has served as the Executive Director of the Medical Intranet Forum and a board member of Women in New Media.